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Who owns now / is owned and authored by Giuseppe Macario. Giuseppe Macario's domains registration information have been archived.

Examples of Giuseppe Macario's registrations: 

Giuseppe Macario

VIA TREVES 25 RM 00065, IT



Giuseppe Macario

Oracle Certified Professional

Diramazione Roma Nord Roma, RM 00139, IT



Antonio Russo (admin ID rwe001ddce9)

Pizzeta 169 Roveredo RM 6535


Who is Giuseppe Macario?

Giuseppe Macario is associated with the name Antonio Russo through his own online registrations, and several other aliases, blogs, emails, and accounts - (temporarily blocked).

Giuseppe Macario claims to be a "Professor of Computer Science(Algorithms and Optimizations for Big Data Analytics) @ University of the People". However, University of the People publicly stated that Giuseppe Macario was not an employee, and only served one month in 2015.

Giuseppe Macario claims to have attended Princeton University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Both are verified lies by the universities registrars. See the published pages here.

Giuseppe Macario claims to have served as "Senior Quality Control Engineer @ Lionbridge Technologies" in 2012. He also claims to have been a "Computer Programmer @ Worth Group" in 2008; and CEO @Vega "cybersecurity & privacy" 2010.

Giuseppe Macario claims to hold the world record as the only Italian to have made certain accomplishments within Secondlife. Linden Labs, creator of Secondlife, stated that they cannot verify Giuseppe Macario's participation.

Legal Action Against now and Giuseppe Macario

There are two accounts of litigation against owner and cybersalker Giuseppe Macario since May 2017. Presently one account against Giuseppe Macario in the United States, and a third account against Giuseppe Macario and in Italy, December 2017.

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