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Giuseppe Macario pretending to be a professor and other fake credentials debunked.

Presto News, legal notice filed and posted March 10, 2017.

Giuseppe Macario, Antonio Russ pretends to be a professor and lies about attending Princeton and MIT. Proof that Giuseppe Macario changing his credentials to cover up lies:

Presto News, Giuseppe Macario Copyright Scam Notice.

Presto News, Giuseppe Macario Fake Credentials Notice. Fraud contact interpol. consumer reviews complaints.

Presto News,, Giuseppe Macario Scam litigation Italy May 2017.

Another University in litigation against presto news. Italy June 2017.

Giuseppe macario, Presto News, fraud complaint.

Presto News, defamation scam complaint.

Presto News,, Giuseppe Macario Switzerland computer fraud.

Giuseppe Macario pretends to be UOP professor and other credentials, cyberstalking.

Professor Giuseppe Macario criminal activity confirmed.

Cheat Turnitin, Giuseppe Macario : “Cheat Turnitin is a service that is supposed to create protected files that allows students to submit plagiarized content to Turnitin” complaint.

Presto News, Giuseppe Macario stalking women online.


Presto News Scam Giuseppe Macario Fraud
Presto News Scam Giuseppe Macario

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